Valencia ready to Permanent Kondogbia Status

Valencia ready to Permanent Kondogbia Status

Valencia seems to have a plan to make the loan status of Geoffrey Kondogbia become permanent, at the end of 2017-2018 season later.

The reason, the performance of Inter Milan loan player is the beginning of the loan season with Valencia immediately shot. So far, the Frenchman has successfully scored two goals and one assist from seven matches in La Liga.

In fact, the player had trouble showing his best performance for two seasons with Inter. And the 24-year-old player was imported from Monaco Pawa early 2015-2016 ago.

However, according to local media Valencia is rumored to have a whole Kondogbia from paying only 25 million euros to Inter.

And reportedly Inter will receive 30 percent of the total revenue received by Valencia if one day they sell Kondogbia another club.

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