Juventus Achieve Great Profits in 2016-2017

Juventus Achieve Great Profits in 2016-2017

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli said La Vecchia Signora had a profit of 42 million euros (2016-17 billion) during the 2016-17 season. Conditions are a positive condition for Italian clubs that are building an image in European football.

Juventus can be regarded as one example of a successful club that deserves to be used as anutan. Not only in terms of achievement, they also successfully maintain their financial stability in the last few seasons.

“We reached the final of the Champions League and the goal is to continue at the same level, thinking about the league, we’ve got an increase of more than 44 percent.” From 2010 to 2016, Juventus increased our turnover substantially, “Agnelli told Football Italia.

With their big names and successes, that’s why Juventus keep earning all the money in the 2016 summer transfer window and winter of 2017. In those two periods, they spent 196.5 million euros ($ 3 trillion) on players’ spending .

“Turnover, excluding transfers, amounted to 411.5 million euros with a profit of 42 million euros We have to develop a medium-term plan that offers projections up to 2024,” Agnelli explained.

Furthermore, Agnelli hopes Juventus can maintain stability in terms of achievement. That is, they are ambitious to win the seventh scudetto in a row this season and again reached the Champions League final.

“We aim for the seventh scudetto and go further in Europe and there is also a new challenge for the Juventus women team with Rita Guarino leading the squad,” Agnelli said.

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